Meet the Team

Court Moor has just under 70 teaching staff and it is likely that most students will have some interaction with most staff in their time at Court Moor. We like this because it helps to keep a strong sense of community and that personal touch is what students and parents like about the school. It's always good to put a face to a name, so feel free to browse the profile of some key members of our team

  • 03:07 PM - 16th January, 2020 Year 11 completed a titrations practical where they calculated the concentration of the alkali used, having precisely measured the volumes of acid and alkali required to achieve the neutralisation end point, as shown by phenolphthalein indicator changing from pink to colourless. Read more
  • 11:13 AM - 15th January, 2020 Years 10 and 11 study broader aspects of the curriculum on Get Set Days. For more information on Get Set Days have a look at our website Read more
  • 11:11 AM - 15th January, 2020 Year 11 have a Get Set Day today. This includes sessions on revision skills and , health, and forgiveness. The latter will look at when forgiveness is possible, whose job is it, is it for the weak, and does being religious make it easier or harder. Read more
  • 06:11 PM - 13th January, 2020 Good result and performance from our U16 BB girls 🏀 tonight beating a resliant side 48-26. Ella Manning PoM tonight with 24 points for Court Moor. 👏👏👏 Thanks to Robert Mays as always for a great game!
  • 04:09 PM - 9th January, 2020 Today in Science Club the students are making a variety of fire extinguishers. For example, mixing vinegar and bicarbonate of soda produces carbon dioxide, which is then poured onto a candle to extinguish the flame. Read more