Work Experience

Work experience week will be Monday 27th June 2022 – 1st July 2022 

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Pre-Work Experience Instructions

Please find links below to information required ahead of work experience week.



The value of the Work Experience Programme 

For many years (pre-Covid) a Work Experience (WEX) Scheme has been an integral part of the curriculum for students in Year 10 and this contributes substantially to the Careers Education programme provided. Court Moor is one of a very few schools in the local area that provides such a work experience for its students. The scheme involves every pupil spending a week in the workplace in an adult environment, responding to demands that are often very different to those met in school.   

Work Experience is an opportunity for pupils in Year 10 to carry out real work tasks on employers’ premises and experience as closely as possible the hours, working conditions and disciplines they would encounter as employees. The scheme aims to: motivate pupils towards further education and training; teach them about both the opportunities and the frustrations of working life; allow them to apply the social skills taught in school. 

Court Moor is pleased to be partnered with the Prospect Trust, to use their Work Placement platform Grofar (, where students can access placement details and log activity all in one place. This is a new initiative and one that hopes to make finding a work experience placement easier for students. The platform has many, vetted local companies which are happy to take students on work placements; it also allows students to upload placements they have found themselves. The platform allows students to: 

  • Access their placement details:  look for placement opportunities of their own, or apply for existing opportunities (view placement details including location, contact, role details, working hours) 

  • Log hours and experiences during the placement: record daily hours and reflective experiences that help them meet their targets 

  • Provide feedback post placement on how they felt the work experience went 

The Prospect Trust will manage and oversee the WEX service, undertaking employee checks for Health & Safety etc.    

The following guides should be used to set up Grofar for the student and add/select placement details.  

  • A simple guide to setting up an account on Grofar can be found at the following links:

    Introduction to Grofar

  • A guide for parents and students about Grofar can be found at the following links:

    ​A Guide for Parents & Students

  • Short video explaining How students add placement details or choose opportunities