Open Evening FAQ

Please see below the frequently asked questions (FAQ) at open evening


Virtual Tour and Interactive Map

For a virtual school tour and interactive school map with video introductions for various areas of the site please click here.

Can my child text me during the day?

The use of mobile phones is not permitted at any time during the school day. If a student brings their phone to school with them, it must be off and, in their bag, at all times. The school will contact you if the need arises. The school will not respond immediately to issues which are raised by students phoning or texting their parents.

When is food available from the canteen?

The canteen is open at both breaks each day. The canteen has a 3 week rolling menu incorporating a hot and cold meal offer each day. The menu can be viewed on the website by following this link. Please note that for operational reasons the food can differ from the published menu.  

Is my child eligible for Free School Meals?

If you think your child is eligible for Free School Meals, please complete the online eligibility check by following this link. Even if you decide to not take up the offer of free school meals, please do register your eligibility.

Is my child eligible for the Forces Premium?

If you think your child is eligible for Forces Premium, please email

How will my child know when they have homework and when will it be set?

All homework is set via the satchel:one system. Homework is set in week 5 of the Autumn term to allow time for each year 7 tutor group to setup their logins in their first IT lesson. A description of the homework task, suggested time for completion, the deadline and how it should be submitted are all detailed in each homework post on satchel:one. We do not have a homework timetable as these frequently lead to tasks being set which do not directly impactF on learning. Instead, departments set homework if it either deepens learning or prepares them for the next lesson. Parents/Carers will be issued with a satchel:one login, typically during the first one to two weeks of Autumn term which allows them to support their child with homework

Which language will my child study?

Every year each form group is allocated a language to study when they arrive in year 7. The languages that are allocated each year vary from year to year and this is very much dictated by the timetable and staffing. Normally 4 form groups are allocated one language and 4 are allocated another language. The priority for us is that students are taught by specialist teachers, to give the students the very best chance to make progress.  It is very much the case that, after a few weeks, students feel that they have made significant progress in the language they are studying and really enjoy learning it. If you have a particular request for a language – your child is bi-lingual etc – then this should be included on application, though we cannot guarantee a certain language will be studied.

Can my child cycle to school?

We have limited spaces in the cycle sheds. We issue cycle permits, but for a child to be eligible they need to meet our criteria. This includes having passed a Bikeability proficiency assessment up to level 2, having a roadworthy bike and wearing a cycle helmet to and from school. All the conditions are outlined when they apply for a cycle permit.

What does the timetable look like?

Timetables are issued to tutor groups on the first day of the Autumn Term. We have 6 teaching periods each day of 50 minutes duration. Some lessons are ‘double lessons’ which means that a subject is taught for 100 minutes.

How do we know which classroom each lesson is in?

Your child’s timetable includes a classroom identification code e.g. L2. These can be cross referenced with the map of the school which your child will be given when they start. If your child is unsure where to go, they can ask a teacher or go to reception. PE lessons are taught in different venues but always commence in either the Gym or Sports Hall changing rooms.

What subjects will my child study at Court Moor?

In Key Stage 3 Court Moor follows the requirements of the national curriculum. It consists of English, Maths, Science, Design and Technology, Computing, Modern Foreign Languages, History, Geography, Art, Music, Drama, Physical Education, and Philosophy, Religion and Ethics.

In addition to extend the learning of our students, in Year 7 students take Journalism, in Year 8 they take Classics and Global Studies and in Year 9 students take Creative Writing and Social Studies (Psychology, Sociology and Politics).

Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE) is taught as discrete lessons in Year 7 and 8 by a specialist teacher, and as “Off curriculum days” in Year 9 -11.

In Years 10 and 11, all pupils follow a common core of GCSE courses in English, Mathematics, and Science. There is no difference in the curriculum provision for boys and girls, but an element of choice is allowed in Years 10 and 11. The school ensures that the EBacc (English Baccalaureate) qualification is available at KS4 for all students to study, should they wish. A list of GCSE and Vocational studies on offer now can be found on this link. The structure of the curriculum plan allows students to choose, if they wish, two languages, or two humanities subjects or two arts subjects. In addition to the above offering, students are given the opportunity study for an additional GCSE after school. Courses on offer in 2023-2024 are:

  • Astronomy
  • Dance

My child has special needs what is your provision like?

Students with special needs are identified as early as possible using information from primary schools, parents and screening tests. Where necessary a programme will be devised, which may involve individual or small group work outside the main timetable, or the provision of additional support within normal lessons. Progress is carefully monitored and where appropriate advice is provided to enable parents to help their children at home. More information on provision can be found here


Which clubs are run after school, when and at what time?

We publish a list each term of the enrichment clubs/activities on offer. This is posted within the first week of each term. Click here to go to the activities page. An Enrichment Fair for Year 7 is run in the first term where every club/activity has a promotional stand. We expect that every student signs up to at least one enrichment activity in Year 7 as this further helps them to develop an affinity with the school.

How can I find out about music tuition?

If you are interested in your child taking up Music tuition. Please email or phone to speak to Mrs Sarah Davis, Finance Officer who oversees the peripatetic music programme. Mrs Davis will be able to discuss the range of music lessons on offer, along with their costs.

Apart from academic teaching what other education programmes do you provide?

At Court Moor we actively aim to teach character and ensure that personal growth is at the core of what we do and not just a useful by-product. We have various schemes that help to ensure our students develop a growing awareness of themselves and their place in the world. These include Court Moor Character, Citz6, CM20 and the Allies programme. Details of these can be found here


What if they get a detention?

We have Restorative Meetings (RM’s) rather than detentions at Court Moor. This is where if an issue arises which would previously have resulted in a detention, your child will go to the teacher’s classroom and have a conversation aimed at resolving the issue. The emphasis of these conversations is on unpicking what has happened and then finding a way to move things forward. At Court Moor we place great emphasis on developing students who reflect on their actions and take responsibility for them.

What if I want them to move tutor groups?

This can seem to be the best and most rapid solution to a friendship issue. However, it is not something we do unless there is an exceptional circumstance. When they first start at Court Moor, everyone will be in tutor groups and classes with a mixture of people they know (either well or as acquaintances) and people they don’t know (from other primary schools). This may initially make them feel nervous but we run ice breaker activities to get people chatting and children quickly make new friends. If as time goes by a friendship issue occurs, we focus on working through and resolving the friendship issue with those involved, as ultimately moving tutor groups doesn’t resolve the situation. As the tutor groups are typically very full, moving a student into another tutor group will often force a student to have to leave that tutor group which can be understandably difficult.

What if they don’t get on with a teacher?

If they feel they don’t get on with a teacher, it’s worth giving it a few more lessons to see whether the feeling changes. If the feeling continues, then it is worth contacting the teacher to talk about it. It is important that you emphasise to your child that it is about working through the feeling with the teacher so they don’t start to develop a grudge towards that teacher. It is likely that following your contact, the teacher will have a learning conversation with your child focussed on resolving the issue. This discussion will focus around the issue and how to move things forward.


What are results in GCSE examinations like?

Court Moor is a high attaining school and normally in the top 10 of all Hampshire schools for its results. Details of latest published results can be found here.


How do I communicate with their teachers?

Send an email for the attention of the teacher concerned to This will be forwarded to the teacher and they will endeavour to reply within 48 hours. We work shoulder to shoulder with parents if an issue arises, and this includes the way we communicate. We do have a code of conduct for parental communications and ask that all parents adhere to this when contacting the school. It can be viewed here.

Parents’ evenings

The first parents’ evening provides a chance for you to meet with your child’s tutor and discuss their first few weeks at Court Moor. This takes place in October. The academic progress parents’ evening takes place in June. Bookings for both are made via EduLink One. A letter will be sent to you prior to bookings opening with details on how to use the system. If you have any issues with making appointments, please email the nature of your issue to


If your child is prescribed medication for a long or short term health condition, it is important to notify First Aid. Please either complete the downloaded medication consent form or come into reception to complete one when handing over the medication to a member of reception staff. Medication will be securely stored in the First Aid room & only administered by the First Aider on duty. Students are not allowed to carry medication in their bags during the school day.


What is acceptable school uniform?

We offer comprehensive guidance, including examples of acceptable trousers from a range of retailers here. Boys' and girls' shoes must be formal style and polishable, plain, black shoes (no boots, trainers or canvas shoes). 

What is the PE uniform?

Details of the PE uniform can be found by following this link. 


What happens with the photographs when I start in September?

Photographs are taken on the first or second week and you will be offered the opportunity to purchase packs of photos from the school photographer. If you would like photographs with siblings, then these are taken after school (2:30pm onwards). If this is the case, they are likely to arrive home later, and you may wish to arrange to collect them.


Do you have an active PTA and how can I help?

Friends of Court Moor School is a registered charity organisation run by volunteers whose purpose is to support Court Moor School and its students through fundraising. At the heart of FCMS is a partnership between staff, parents and the local community. The fundraising activities of FCMS contribute to further improving the facilities at Court Moor School to help the children thrive and achieve their potential.

We encourage membership from those over the age of 18 who have connections with the school such as ex-pupils and grandparents. In fact, anyone else who feels they can support our aims. Should you wish to become a member of FCMS, please contact us and we would welcome your contribution to the support for our school.