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Friends of Court Moor School

Friends of court moor

What is FCMS?

Friends of Court Moor School is a registered charity organisation run by volunteers whose purpose is to support Court Moor School and its students through fundraising. At the heart of FCMS is a partnership between staff, parents and the local community. The fundraising activities of FCMS contribute to further improving the facilities at Court Moor School to help the children thrive and achieve their potential.

We encourage membership from those over the age of 18 who have connections with the school such as ex-pupils and grandparents. In fact, anyone else who feels they can support our aims. Should you wish to become a member of FCMS, please contact us and we would welcome your contribution to the support for our school. Everyone has skills to bring, from graphic design to gardening; from events management to balancing the books; and from wrapping up gifts to handing out flyers and making tea! All are equally valued and appreciated.

How do we raise money?

The majority of our funds are raised through the events and activities that we run.  Some of our most popular are quiz nights, raffles and second hand uniform sales. Consequently, donations from parents are extremely important. You can donate time, monetary gifts, items for sale, raffle prizes and auction lots or offers of services and skills. Fundraising is also supported through initiatives like Easy-fundraising and Hart Lottery.   


Easy   Hart

How do we spend the money we raise?

The FCMS committee are responsible for deciding how our funds are spent. Usually the School Liaison will provide a ‘wish list’ of items that the school would like us to consider funding. We also invite input from parents too, so if you have an idea of something that would benefit all the students in the school, please do share it with the committee.

In the past, FCMS has funded a variety of things including:

  • The Retreat – a café style area for the older pupils
  • Audio visual system for the main hall
  • Computers and IT equipment, multimedia projectors, display screens
  • Technology and science equipment, language laboratory equipment
  • Sports, music and drama equipment
  • The Library refurbishment
  • Landscaping of the picnic area.

How we keep you up to date

If you have access to Facebook, please join our ‘Friends of Court Moor School’ Facebook page. It’s a useful place to share ideas, check out activities and ask questions.

Our termly newsletter is sent via the school by email, this includes information on current activities, successes and upcoming events plus details of the help we are looking for and what we have spent the money on.

The Committee also hold open FCMS meetings. Any member can come along, find out what we are planning, share ideas and get involved. We publish the dates on our Facebook site. In addition, send us your email address and we can add you to the mailing list.

Annual General Meeting (AGM) - Our AGM is held in October and provides an excellent opportunity for all parents to come along and hear in more detail about our work.  It is also when we elect our committee members.

FCMS is a member of Parentkind, who also provide resources for Parents. If you would like to sign up to their Parent e-Bulletin please visit

If you would like to purchase any uniform or donate to the sale, please get in touch via the FCMS Facebook site or Gmail.

We look forward to welcoming you to our school!

if you would like to contact FCMS then email: