Mental Health & Well-Being

As a school we place an emphasis on the value of mental health and wellbeing.

Our PSHE curriculum includes units on understanding the various factors that can affect our wellbeing – physical, mental or both – such as healthy and respectful relationships, identity, body image and social media, plus practical advice on coping strategies.

We also promote ‘Mental Health Awareness Week’ and model the concept of getting ‘mindfit’ by highlighting the various active and creative ways that staff maintain their mental health and wellbeing. A recent survey gave students the opportunity to share their perspectives and to indicate if they would benefit from a conversation with their tutor, head of year or one of our pastoral support coordinators.

Accessing support for you or your child

There are various organisations offering support for parents on how to support a child with mental health needs, or for parents who have mental health needs themselves.

Local organisations:

National organisations:


Mental Health Week 1: Anxiety

Our first Mental Health Week of the academic year focused on anxiety: what it is, and what it isn’t; why we need anxiety; how to deal with physical symptoms of anxiety.

A video assembly was used to introduce Mental Health Week to the students, and included the key message that we ALL have mental health. During Mental Health Week, students looked at causes of mental health difficulties, the physiological necessity for anxiety in humans (we wouldn’t have made it this far without it!) and a ‘Ted Talk’ presentation which highlights an anxiety sufferer’s realisation that anxiety is an emotion rather than an illness. Students also practised strategies which can help them to regulate their breathing if they are feeling anxious.

Introduction assembly:

We all have mental health:

Box breathing:

Ted Talk:

Mental health resources for parents

You may find the attached documents offer some useful advice. The Hampshire CAMHS website ( has a wealth of information, including leaflets and videos, on how you can support your child