Revision Strategies

Revision Advice – helpful tips

The helpful tips and advice below have been collated to help develop a workable approach for revision. There is no single approach to preparing for exams and there are many techniques and practices which can be used:

  • Make a daily / monthly revision timetable - start it in plenty of time - mix up the revision subjects
  • Go through the GetSet revision presentation
  • Revision Advice - BBC
  • Meet the Mindset - meet students who have persevered through their GCSE's and survived: advice and personal stories
  • Revise at a desk
  • Stick revision notes around the house
  • Do lots of past papers
  • Make summary notes
  • Ask someone to test you
  • Put your phone away for the period of the revision session e.g. 30 mins

Revision and Memory Techniques

OCR Guide to Revision

How to Revise Effectively

Get Revising

Coping with Exam Stress


The science of Revision

Mind Mapping Tool 

Memory Techniques

Super Study Skills

The following websites offer some advice and support during exams:

Childline - exam stress

YoungMinds - exam self-care

AQA - Student & Parent Support

CGP Books - Interactive Tips for Exams

NHS - Advice for Stress, Anxiety, Depression - Tips on surviving exams

Justin Craig - GCSE & A-Level revision tips

BBC Bitesize - Study Support

Seneca Learning  - Online study support



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