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Court Moor Programmes

At Court Moor we actively aim to teach character and ensure that personal growth is at the core of what we do and not just a useful by-product. We have various schemes that help to ensure our students develop a growing awareness of themselves and their place in the world.  These include Court Moor Character, Citz6, CM20 and the Allies programme. 

Court Moor Character

Court Moor Character: at the core of the school are the qualities defined in the Court Moor Character:

  • Courage determined, resilient, persevering
  • Integrity  honest, responsible, reliable
  • Courtesy caring, respectful, considerate
  • Kindness supportive, empathetic, altruistic
  • Confidence aspirational, motivated, driven

When students demonstrate these qualities they will be nominated for a CMC card and when they have collected three they will be awarded a CMC badge and, if they demonstrate all five, then a gold CMC badge. At Court Moor we see our young people are developing adults and that character is no more fixed than height; we encourage students to reflect and advance these key traits in order to be better people. The Court Moor Character accredits students for who they are, not what they’ve done - which is a vital principle behind it. 

Kindness Integrity Confidence
Courtesy Courage Court moor character


Please see below a short video about Court Moor Character.


We want to create active, informed citizens who recognise their responsibility to the those other than themselves. The Citz6 programme encourages students to become active members of the communities of which they are part: tutor group, year group, school, local, national and international community. Students involve themselves in projects which support and benefit the communities and, when they’ve done something as a member of each community, they are awarded a Citz6 badge in recognition. 


We have identified 30 activites that we believe all our students should experience in their time in with us in order to get the very most out of their schooling; these range from visiting an art gallery to representing the school. When a student has completed 20 of these challenges they will be awarded a CM20 badge. We are firm believers in the adage that ‘you get out what you put in’ and this is one of the ways Court Moor attempts to motivate all our students to make the most of these precious years and exploit the many opportunities it offers. The booklet is attached below. 

Allies Programme 

The Allies programme is an initiative to ensure that students at Court Moor are prepared for life in modern, diverse Britain. Each term we train up a group of students who act as Allies to actively support minority groups and causes. An Allies session consists of learning more about situations and the lived experience of people through talks, videos and discussion. The Allies sign a pledge and then make a commitment to initiate some activities to promote equality and understanding to the wider school. Students have enthusiastically embraced the Allies concept and we look forward to increasing numbers of students joining this innovative scheme.  


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