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CPD Provision

Court Moor - a great place to be and a place to be great!

Excellent professional development is at the core of what we do at Court Moor.  No matter when in your career you join us, or at what level, we work in partnership with our staff to offer them the very best opportunities to develop as professionals and further their careers.

Our traditional INSET days are just the start; our approach to sharing good practice utilises training opportunities throughout the year. We have peer observation and coaching programmes for teachers at all stages, training shorts throughout the year to focus on particular skills and a team of outstanding teachers in our Quality First Teaching Team who are available to advise, coach and develop staff to be their very best.  We recognise the importance of collaborative planning time and teams are encouraged to take time out, often off-site, to work together to create exciting and interesting schemes of work utilising the talents of the whole team.

Our training programme has three strands: in-house, external, and bought in. Our in-house training has recently included ‘Heading for SLT’ and ‘Being an effective second’ – sessions run by experienced professionals in the school who understand the role and the school from the inside out. There are a variety of posts and responsibilities available within the school which are advertised on a regular basis for teachers who are looking for enhancement on their CVs. We also offer staff the opportunity to shadow or support roles in preparation for furthering their career – we have had staff shadowing curriculum leaders, pastoral leaders and seconded to senior leadership to build the experience they need for their next career step.  Increasingly we are bringing external training on site.  This reflects our commitment to provide more staff with access to the training they desire, and enable colleagues to train together.

Alongside the traditionally advertised courses, we are active members of several teaching partnerships in Hampshire and Surrey, which allows us to access a range of external training providers. We have opportunities to network with a wide range of schools and colleagues have the opportunity to contribute to, as well as benefit from, the partnerships’  CPLD.  These links enable us to offer the opportunity for staff to shadow staff in a range of different settings and year groups to further develop their professional experience. In addition, Hampshire Local Authority provides some excellent courses at all levels and our staff participate in National Programmes such as NPQML and NPQSL.

We want teaching at Court Moor to be great and we believe that a strong CPLD is the way to ensure that each teacher has a bespoke programme to maximise their potential to the school and for themselves.