Court Moor School bucks the National trend of ‘trimming down’ on excursions; in fact the list of trips on offer here is continuing to grow. The school is fully committed to maintaining this stance, as we believe that there is simply no substitute for this type of experience for our students.

The trips that run will change each year depending on a range of factors, including GCSE subject options, staffing arrangements and availability.  However, it is commonplace for some students in Year 7 to get an opportunity to travel overseas with the Languages department and all students in Year 8 are given the chance to create lifelong memories on the iconic Tile Barn outdoor education camping trip. 

Students in the upper school are given opportunities to travel even further afield to develop their understanding of their GCSE courses – in recent years our students have travelled to Iceland, Berlin and Normandy.  In addition we have a biannual sports tour (eg Malta/Lisbon), which is open to students in Year 9/10. 

Aside from these big events, there are also many other trips, which may appear on the calendar, or be scheduled as and when opportunities present themselves. In recent times, students have visited a variety of museums in London, been part of a full house at Lord’s for a 20/20 cricket match and been to see a variety of productions in the West End.