Responsibilities and Contacts


Careers/apprenticeship link Governor – Roger Buck 

SLT Careers link and Careers Leader - Julia Vale - Assistant Head Teacher  
Career’s co-ordinator – Arvinder Mankoo   

  Independent Careers Advisor – Lorraine Lewington (Prospect Trust)

Enterprise Coordinator - Megan Low (Careers and Enterprise Company Programme)

Lorraine Lewington, Careers Adviser is available in school every Wednesday and every other Monday. Lorraine can be contacted on For information about what Lorraine can offer please see the presentation below.

The Governing Body is responsible for ensuring that the independent careers guidance provided is presented in an impartial manner, showing no bias or favouritism towards a particular institution, education or work option.

The Senior Leadership Team are responsible for review of the career and education guidance strategy, yearly destination measures and the yearly career plan.

The Careers Leader is responsible and accountable for the delivery of the school’s programme of career advice and guidance.  

The Careers Coordinator is responsible for the coordination of the school’s careers provision, including administrating work experience placements, undertaking health and safety reviews of such placements, organising career talks and assemblies, organising college applications and references, organising attendees for the Year 10 interview day and ensuring the tracking of all career activities undertaken by students.  

The Careers Adviser is responsible for providing independent information, advice and guidance to pupils one-to-one and in groups

The Enterprise Adviser is a volunteer from business who will work with the Careers Leader to drive improvements in the school’s careers provision.

The Enterprise Coordinator is responsible for providing the school with a local source of expertise and support for their careers provision.

Subject leaders are responsible for incorporating career learning within their curriculum linked to real-world career paths.   

All teachers are responsible for linking curriculum learning with careers.  

Policy statement on provider access can be found on document link below.


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