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Working at Court Moor

Court Moor is a great place to work. With bright students, supportive parents and excellent behaviour the stage is set for you to really develop your teaching.

The school prides itself on its caring approach to staff and students; it's a highly collegiate school where we work hard to value the team which makes the school. We have a fairly traditional GCSE-based curriculum which is coupled with a broader commitment to the enrichment of the student experience. The school's motto of 'Caring to Achieve' is integral to our day-to-day work as leaders and teachers. Court Moor is a school to which staff and students enjoy coming and we are proud of its collaborative and courteous environment. With around 70 teachers and 40 associate staff Court Moor is large enough to have a strong sense of community, without losing that personal touch. Quite simply, Court Moor is a positive place and peopled with staff and students who want to be here. 

If you are considering applying for a position at Court Moor I would urge you to look around the site and get a flavour for what we stand for. We are always happy to have informal meetings or chats with prospective members of staff. Visitors to Court Moor often comment on the calm and friendly atmosphere of the school, a tour round the school is often the best way to truly understand what we are about and we encourage visitors to experience Court Moor School.

The leadership team at Court Moor value creativity, reliability and approachability; our job is to help other staff be the very best they can in their job. We have a comprehensive CPD programme whereby we use a range of local and national providers to ensure that staff have the time and resources to develop professionally during their time here. The key traits we recruit for are: warmth, enthusiasm, ambition and reflection. We value having diverse teams and so we would welcome applications from colleagues who are both new to the profession, and more experienced; the only stipulation is warmth and passion.  

Mrs Beattie

This is what some of our staff have said about working at Court Moor.

Ms Emma Lovegrove

"I joined Court Moor School as a study supervisor in 2014 whilst also studying for my science degree. I was immediately impressed with the support and guidance given to me by members of staff, both in the science department and from the senior leadership team. The ethos of the school is one of warmth and support, which was evident throughout my transition from support staff, into teacher training. Professional development and well-being are clear priorities at Court Moor. As I progress through my NQT year I continue to expand my pedagogical knowledge and classroom skills whilst ensuring a healthy work-life balance. I am proud to say I work at Court Moor and I am confident that I am under the best possible leadership to guide me through the early years of my career"

Mr Jack Murrell

"Teaching at Court Moor is a fantastic place to develop, grow and learn from the very best. The ambition of the students to achieve cannot be rivalled. In addition to the outstanding pupils that we have, the staff are supportive and are always willing to listen and help improve your teaching. The school offer comprehensive professional development opportunities which I feel is a necessity in an outstanding school. However, forgetting all of this, the one and most wonderful aspect of teaching at Court Moor School is the community and sense of togetherness. The recently developed House system has ensured that the entire school community regularly work together to achieve an outstanding school environment."