Courtmoor day1 2021 145

Code of Conduct

Complaints or concerns should be addressed to the person who was most heavily involved in the incident, unless it is of a very personal nature to do with that staff member, in which case it should be addressed to their curriculum leader. In line with the complaints policy, the Headteacher should not be involved immediately and should only become involved when the correct procedure has been followed in order to allow a suitably neutral review of your concern if necessary.

Parental Code of Conduct

  • Inflammatory comments or statements should be avoided and the tone should be courteous at all times – emotive and accusatory words such as ‘disgusting’,  use of capitals or defamatory statements should not be included. The complaint should reflect the information you have currently received; the assumption should be that you have one version of the matter which is a concern, rather than concluding you have the totality of the information.
  • Each complainant will represent their own views and should not seek to present themselves as self-appointed spokesperson for others.
  • We aim to deal with all complaints seriously and work to resolve them, there is no need to threaten with the governors, LA or Ofsted as a means to fast-forward your complaint. 
  • Meetings will be arranged where and when it is deemed necessary. Concerns around safety or child protection will be dealt with immediately otherwise appointments will need to be made in advance to be seen by a staff member
  • Any concerns and complaints which are received which do not comply with our expectations will be returned unattended until the communications meet the expectations outlined above. Parents who breach the terms will be subject to restricted access to staff.

These standards apply to written and verbal complaints.