Non-Uniform Day Applications

The school has numerous non-uniform days each year to raise money for charity. These are generally for £2, with £1 going to school fundraising and £1 going to a chosen charity. The school attempts to support both national/international and local charities and draws up a programme of days with a charity in mind. Occasionally there will be exceptional non-uniform days in response to a disaster, but there will never be more than 6 non-uniform days a term.

There are many competing demands on the money and the school makes the decision about charities to support up to six months in advance of a non-uniform day. Money raised through non-uniform days must be given in its entirety to the charitable cause. The school will not consider ‘sponsoring’ a trip for volunteer work which then uses the money to fund the accommodation or flights of an individual. Please consider the guidelines before approaching the school about non-uniform days.