Welcome from the Head Students

As Court Moor head students we plan to excel at our role and make sure everyone is caring to achieve. We aim to work together to listen and support those struggling, to give them the help they need to have the best experience possible at Court Moor this year. For many right now, school has become a difficult place to be, following Covid-19, but we want to help make it that little bit easier for everyone.

Daisy Brunning My focus for this coming year is to make everyone more confident in expressing their own options, this will allow those in younger years to get their voice heard and get involved in benefiting those around them. Not only will everyone feel more prepared for the future, an even bigger and sheltered community will be created.

Aj Fitzgibbon My aim for this year is to create an environment where people from all different backgrounds can have a safe space to be themselves and feel included. We should all be represented no matter who we are to make Court Moor one big community.

Patrick Hodge My main goal for the upcoming year is to help the students that need that little bit of confidence.  I know year 7 can be daunting, however I believe I will be able to help those that would want that person who they can talk to whenever they need whether that be me or students alike. 

Hannah Rambour My main task is to further increase student voice within Court Moor, working to bring back the Student Voice initiative to allow everyone to have a say on change and improvement in our school. As well as this, I feel will create a great impact on the community at Court Moor, making everyone feel recognised.

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