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Year 7 Trip to Normandy - June 2018

Posted on: June 28th 2018School News +0 More

Recently two groups of Year 7 students went to Normandy. We stayed on a beautiful farm, with old rustic buildings and plenty of space for the children to run around and wear themselves out before bed-time! Breakfast consisted of warm croissants, delivered from the bakery each morning, which was a lovely treat. The evening meals included a typical French meal, a BBQ and a pizza making evening.  The students were tasked with having to ask for their toppings in French - we were encouraged by the fact that every student managed this and nobody ended up with just a plain pizza base!

The trip included a range of historical visits; we visited the Bayeux tapestry which the students found fascinating, having just studied the story in history. We also visited William the Conqueror's tomb. The students also found out more about the 2nd World War and D-Day through our visits to Arromanches, the American Cemetery and Pegasus Bridge. They were incredibly moved by the short but powerful film at the 360 cinema which included real footage of the events.  

We also wandered the cobbled streets of the gorgeous town Honfleur, with its old fishing port and beautiful harbour. The students got many opportunities to practise their French whilst shopping in the town or in the markets. The visit to the goat farm was a particular highlight, with the presentation given solely in French and we were extremely impressed by the students' resilience and ability to follow the whole presentation; they learnt about the art of goat farming and the production of goat's cheese. We even had a couple of students who were given the privilege of milking an extremely friendly goat named 'Munch' and then sampling the milk, which we were informed was 'nice but warm'! We had an interesting time at the snail farm, discovering all the ins and outs of snail reproduction; again, this was conducted in French and translated back to the students in English, minus one or two details...! The visit ended with most of the students trying the snails, with many of them eating several. They were cooked in garlic which we were sure pleased the coach driver on the journey back!

The children were an absolute delight to be with. Wherever we went, we were showered in praise about their behaviour and their willingness to speak French and get involved in different activities - there were a plethora of questions posed to the guides, which showed how interested they were. 

A great time was had by both staff and students and the students assured us that it was the trip of a lifetime and one they would never forget!


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