Anti-bullying Week

We take bullying seriously at Court Moor, we want every student to feel safe and secure at our school. Our recent Anti-Bullying Week (November 2022) covered a number of important issues and factors.
Our week of activities began with an introduction from Mr Jenkins, in the form of a live assembly to the whole school, which you can see here:

This was followed up with a video from the Anti-Bullying Ambassadors campaign, where victims speak movingly about the impact of bullying on victims, which you can access here:
On Day 2, students watched a pre-recorded assembly from Mr McEnroe, based on a Derren Brown experiment in which a studio audience were given masks and asked to vote on what would happen to someone who was being secretly filmed; it concludes with a very powerful message about the ‘pack mentality’ that can lead to group bullying. You can access the video here:
On Day 3, the focus was social media and cyber-bullying, and Mrs Metcalfe provided some materials on how the introduction of apps like Snapchat have seen a rise in cruel comments being shared online, and the impact of this form of intimidation/abuse. The Powerpoint is available here: Cyberbullying (PowerPoint) / Cyberbullyng (PDF)
Day 4's session focused on trying to understand why some people choose to bully others, and the consequences this can have on victims, but also the bullies themselves. The Powerpoint is available here: Consequences (PowerPoint) / Consequences (PDF)
Finally, heads of year wrapped up the week with messages for their year groups on the key points raised across the week, and launched the new reporting system, whereby students can email if they have been the victim of, or witnessed, bullying. If students indicate that they want it to be considered an anonymous tip-off, we will investigate it without revealing the source of the information. You can see the video assembly Mrs Lovegrove created and shared with Year 10 students here: