Modern Foreign Languages Bake Off Club

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News / 9th Nov 2021

Yesterday was the second session of the MFL Bake Off club, where languages, culture, and cooking collide. This time the students baked a French "Gâteau au yaourt" (Yoghurt cake), so called because it's a recipe used to introduce children to cooking because of its simplicity, and all ingredients are measured out with a yoghurt pot.

One of the ovens was accidentally turned up to 250C, which resulted in a rather blackened set of cakes for one team, but all was not lost thanks to some clever shaving off of the burnt bits. ‘Lemon Charcoal’. Think it’ll take on?

The winners, as voted for by the class was Chocolate Chip, with a spectacularly well rescued Lemon Charcoal and the Apricot Glaze joint second! They were all delicious, really light and very tasty.

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