Modern Foreign Languages (MFL)


Learning a modern language is an important part of young people’s education, which can enhance both communication skills and future job prospects.  There are many personal, social and cultural benefits in being able to communicate confidently in another language.

Students study either French, German or Spanish and will gain a deep understanding and knowledge of both language and culture and will become confident and capable linguists showing a high degree of resilience and independence.  Language learning fosters student’s curiosity and understanding of the world, developing their awareness of diversity and other cultures and enables them to study other languages at a later date.


Studying a modern language in Key Stage 3 involves building and developing language skills acquired in Key Stage 2.  Each of the four key skills of listening, reading, speaking and writing are practised, consolidated and reinforced on a regular basis.  We aim to develop our students’ ability to express their thoughts and ideas and to understand and respond to speakers of the foreign language in both spoken and written language, through their knowledge of vocabulary and phonics together with an explicit understanding of grammar. 


Students continue to develop the language skills that they acquired in Key Stage 3 following the AQA GCSE syllabus.  This includes a wide range of topics which widen their knowledge of vocabulary and grammar as well as to broaden their cultural awareness. The themes covered are identity and culture, local and global issues, current and future studies and future employment.

The examination comprises of 4 components; listening, speaking, reading and writing, which each contribute 25% towards a student’s final GCSE grade (9-1).

To contact curriculum leader for MFL email: mfl@courtmoorschool.net

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