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Physical Education


Our objective in PE is for every student to leave Court Moor with a lifelong love of sport and physical activity, which will contribute significantly towards leading a healthy, active lifestyle. PE is an essential vehicle for all round physical, social and emotional well-being.

Students follow a broad and balanced curriculum pathway designed to promote high levels of activity and engagement and develop skills and performance across a range of sports and activities. Students will also learn to analyse performance in order to make adjustments to their own and others’ techniques.

Key Stage 3

In Key Stage 3, students are taught in single sex PE groups and are streamed in order to ensure all students make optimum progress and no one is left behind. We believe all students should experience the same curriculum journey, so boys and girls will cover the same activities over the three years. PE lessons are taught as a double period. In addition to this, in Year 7, Dance is also taught as single lessons throughout the year. Here, students will learn about the principles of dance choreography within the themes of Bollywood, Latin/Ballroom and Musical Theatre.

Key Stage 4

In Key Stage 4, we introduce an options-based PE curriculum where students can choose the type of activity that they will enjoy the most, from traditional sports, alternative sports, and health related fitness. This has proven very successful over the last 5 years, with high levels of engagement and enjoyment.

If students were to select PE as a GCSE option, then they would receive an additional four periods of PE a week. These are split between practical and theory lessons. Within the course, students will cover a range of modern theoretical topics such as sport psychology, training and fitness and socio-cultural influences. Theory makes up 60% of the course, with practical assessments making up 30%. A personal exercise programme will make up the additional 10%.

Extra Curriculum PE Programme

The extra-curricular PE programme is something we are very proud of at Court Moor, with a vast array of opportunities for the students to develop further, be active and perhaps even represent the school is competitive fixtures. We compete at district and county level in football, netball, basketball, and rugby to name but a few, and we are continuing to expand with new members joining the department, as well as staff from other departments running clubs too. 

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Edexcel GCSE PE 07th Jul 2021 Download
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