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Mathematics at Court Moor School is about preparing students with the Mathematical skills needed once they leave school, which also includes the qualifications for later careers. The main skills Mathematics teaches our students is the ability to work with factual knowledge and apply it in the world around them. This allows them to problem solve and think outside of the box when they are faced with a range of situations.

GCSE Maths starts from the moment students arrive in Year 7 as all techniques and knowledge will be required and developed throughout their Maths journey at Court Moor. All students will be covering a range of specific topics all in the 5 core areas of Maths:

  • Number
  • Geometry
  • Algebra
  • Statistics and Probability
  • Ratio and Proportion

As well as teaching students the key areas required for their GCSEs there is plenty of opportunity through the 5 years where we relate content to real life scenarios, such as science, accounting, business studies and engineering. Our focus is to ensure all students have the opportunity to succeed to help build confidence in Maths and have the ability to apply their gained knowledge in further Maths, whether this is future study or in a career/apprenticeship. 

At the end of Yr 11 students’ examinations are as follows:

Higher Tier (AQA):

1 x Non-Calculator

2x Calculator

Foundation Tier (OCR):

1x Non-Calculator

2x Calculator

To contact the curriculum leader for maths email:

Subject Documents Date  
AQA 8300 Maths 07th Jul 2021 Download
168982 specification gcse mathematics 15th Jul 2021 Download
Mathematics High Level Curriculum Overview 2022 23 03rd Oct 2022 Download