History at Court Moor is for everyone. It is designed to encourage curiosity and prepare students to become independent thinkers equipped with the appropriate knowledge as well as an ability to use it. Every student who studies History at KS3 will leave with a well rounded understanding of the past and hopefully wish to continue this study either at GCSE or as a personal interest.

Key Stage 3

History throughout Key Stage 3 is based on the chronological progression of both British and international events. Based upon progressing time periods, themes of politics, rebellion, development and strife are met and revisited. Information is always provided for the student as an individual to reach their own conclusion and skills to be introduced. As students progress concepts are revised with further examples and more challenging contexts such as race, gender, civil rights as well as moral complexities.

Treating knowledge as the foundation History introduces and works on skills to help the student become an independent thinker able to articulate themselves in any situation.

  • Change and Continuity – identifying over time what has differed and what has remained the same.
  • Cause and Consequence – identifying factors that contribute to change and the result that change had
  • Significance – to be able to comment on why something is ‘worthy of being remembered’
  • Source Analysis – how to approach a source, be it written or a picture, how such information can be used and how to communicate this
  • Historiography – how perspective of a single event can change over time and why different historians may have different views over the same thing
  • Producing an Argument – communicating an answer that is both clear and convincing

In Key Stage 3 students are introduced to the Roman time period and progress to the end of the Cold War in Year 9. Different thematic studies of medicine and migration are placed that compare different eras in civilisation.

Key Stage 4

In Key Stage 4 students follow the OCR History A course which is composed of 5 units.

  • Period study International Relations – The changing international order 1918-1975.
    • The interwar years,
    • The origins of the Second World War,
    • The Cold War
  • The English Reformation Depth Study
    • Dissent and break with Rome
    • This dissolution of the monasteries
    • The Reformation in English Churches
  • ‘Power’ Breadth study
    • Power in Medieval Britain c1000-c1485
    • Power in Early Modern Britain c1485-c1800
    • Power in Modern Britain c1800-2014
  • International Study – Nazi Germany
    • Democracy and dictatorship: The rise and consolidation of the Nazi regime 1925-34
    • A national community? Nazi Germany and its people
    • Destruction to democracy: The Second World War and its legacy in Germany 1939-55
  • The Historic Environment Study – Castles form and function

To contact curriculum leader for history email: history@courtmoorschool.net

Subject Documents Date  
History curriculum overview 2021 22 15th Jul 2021 Download
OCR History 07th Jul 2021 Download