At Court Moor we want our students to leave us understanding that geography is a part of their lives and how it helps to explain the world, both physical and human, that we live in. Our belief is that everyone is a geographer.

Studying geography provides students with a variety of valuable skills and knowledge that can be transferred and used across different subject areas and in everyday life. For example,

  • Highly relevant knowledge – we study extremely relevant issues such as climate change
  • Looking at issues differently – we look at issues from different perspectives and at different scales
  • Fieldwork – we collect, present and analyse data
  • Teamwork – when completing fieldwork students work in teams
  • Geographical argument – students learn how to write convincing arguments supported by evidence
  • Visual communication skills – we present and analyse data using maps, graphs, diagrams

Data and geospatial skills – students learn new skills such as computer-based mapping (GIS), map skills and numeracy skills when analysing data

Key Stage 3

​In Key Stage 3 students are introduced to a range of physical and human topics that include tectonics, population, development, climate change, river and coastal processes, geology and ecosystems. Our students learn about different places around the world such as India, Mali, Vietnam, USA, Russia, the UK, Brazil and China.

Key Stage 4

In Key Stage 4 students follow the Eduqas A GCSE specification which builds on the knowledge they learnt in Key Stage 3. There are three components which include six main topics: Landscapes and physical processes, rural-urban links, tectonic landscapes and hazards, weather, climate and ecosystems, development and resource issues and social development. The topics are current, and students can apply their knowledge to real world situations, such as wildfires in California or the refugee crisis in Europe.

To contact the Curriculum Leader for geography, please email: geography@courtmoorschool.net

Subject Documents Date  
Eduqas GCSE Geography 07th Jul 2021 Download
Geography Curriculum Overview 2022 23 KS3 07th Oct 2022 Download
Geography Curriculum overview 2022 23 KS4 07th Oct 2022 Download