In the Drama Department at Court Moor, it is our aim to empower students to be able to employ a range of theatrical devices from varied theatrical styles and practitioners and to inspire students to work inventively with confidence and in collaboration with others.

Key Stage 3

We achieve this by teaching a diverse selection of plays, styles and genre throughout Key Stage 3. Our approach to Drama at Key Stage 3 focuses on the practical skill, underpinned by essential subject knowledge, which prepares our students to continue their study of Drama to GCSE level at Key Stage 4. Our innovative five finger feedback approach to evaluating student work highlights the core concepts developed in Drama lessons at Court Moor: Characterisation, Storytelling, Audience Awareness, Stage Presence and the application of Dramatic Conventions.

In Years 7 to 9, students have one lesson per week in form groups in which they will creatively collaborate with peers in order to improve both their confidence as well as their understanding of the subject. Students will be expected to work with a range of people from their form group, which we know really helps to develop their thinking and adaptability beyond the Drama classroom. You will find below a breakdown of the KS3 curriculum.

Key Stage 4

Students opting to continue with Drama to GCSE level will enjoy two double-lessons each week. Class sizes at GCSE tend to be significantly smaller than at Key Stage 3, meaning our students are really afforded plenty of opportunity to hone their craft and ensure their work is of the highest possible quality. You will find below a breakdown of the KS4 curriculum.

School Productions

Extracurricular clubs play an important role in the Drama Department too. Recent productions have included “School of Rock”, “Oliver!”, “Alice in Wonderland” and a new play: “Pretty Ugly”. The 2022 production looks set to be the biggest and best yet with the recently renovated school hall ready to host its first ever full-scale production.

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Subject Documents Date  
Drama high level curriculum overview 2021 22 09th Jul 2021 Download
AQA 8261 Drama 07th Jul 2021 Download

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