Computing prepares individuals to live and thrive in a world that is rapidly changing and where computing skills are necessary. The overarching intent of Computing is to transform users of technology into creators of technology by giving students the opportunity to analyse, evaluate, create and work independently to solve a variety of problems.

The three main concepts are:

  • Computer Science
    • Computational thinking & problem solving - decomposition, abstraction, pattern matching, algorithm design and evaluation
    • Analysing, designing and building computational systems
    • Testing and Evaluating computational systems
  • Information Technology – using a variety of computational tools to produce creative digital products
  • Digital Literacy – developing an understanding of how to use computers safely and responsibly.

Key Stage 3

In KS3 students follow a computing, IT and digital literacy programme taught over the key stage (Yr 7-9), one lesson a week.  The curriculum in KS3 is innovative, featuring a mix of digital resources and ensures there are opportunities for using physical computing devices -such as Robots and BBC Microbits. 

Key Stage 4

n Key Stage 4 learning is embedded through the development of knowledge and skills over time and through overlapping concepts covered in KS3.  The students follow the OCR Computer Science GCSE programme which covers three components – theory, programming and practical application or they can follow the vocational course BTEC Digital Information Technology, which provides a practical application of information technology in the real -world.

Throughout both key stages the students are exposed to the importance of communicating safely and respectfully online, and the need for keeping personal information private; teaching them to know what do when concerned about content or being contacted and to become responsible users of technologies and online services. This is paired with work that is covered through Get Set days, their PSHE curriculum and targeted assemblies.

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Subject Documents Date  
OCR Computer Science J277 Specification 01st Jul 2021 Download
BTEC Technical Award Digital IT 01st Jul 2021 Download
Computing High Level Curriculum Overview 2022 23 03rd Oct 2022 Download

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