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News / 17th Nov 2021

The school library has the following new releases this week: Splinters of Sunshine by Patrice Lawrence, Pandora's Jar by Natalie Hayes and How to Save the World with a Chicken and an Egg by Emma Shevah. Students can now visit the Library and check out books during first and second break.

Splinters of Sunshine is an incredible adventure/crime novel by the writer of Orangeboy. You will remember his style of writing from last year - fast paced, current and relevant to modern life. The blurb - I pick up the envelope... As I rip down the sides, there's loads of paper bursting out; stuck on flowers, dandelions, roses... Spey recently received two surprises. The first: his ex-prisoner dad turning up unannounced, and the second: a mysterious package containing torn-up paper flowers. Spey instantly recognises it as a collage he made with his old friend Dee, and decides she must be in danger, but there are no clues to her whereabouts. There's only one person he knows who can help to track her down... On a road trip like no other, will Spey and his dad find Dee, before it's too late?

Pandora's Jar is a great nonfiction book for lovers of mythology. It is suitable for Key Stage 4 (years 10 and 11) and seeks to redress the balance of male dominated storytelling, with an exploration of the women's stories from Greek mythology. It is written in a really funny and irreverent way that will appeal to older teens. It is one of our favourite books this year.

How to Save the World with a Chicken and an Egg is the first in a series of hilarious, poignant and highly original stories  on environmental matters from Emma Shevah. Suitable for Key Stage 3 (years 7 to 9) it is well worth diving into. High-spirited Ivy believes she can talk to animals, while Nathaniel, a boarding-school boy, is obsessed with animal facts. They come together unexpectedly on a cold English beach with the arrival of a rare and wondrous sea creature: a giant leatherback turtle who lays her eggs in front of the world’s media. Soon they’re on a mission to make a difference to the world – even if they have to do it one animal at a time.