Years 7 & 8 Science Fair Project

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News / 10th May 2022

Years 7 and 8 have just finished a science fair project which was the culmination of five weeks of homework. The quality of the entries was superb, and each class voted for their class favourites so that three could go forward for public judging last Friday evening and Saturday afternoon when the fundraising for the school labs was launched. Those who came to the science fair chose their favourite projects and we are pleased to announce the winners as follows:

First place with 'Is your mouth cleaner than your pet' were Isabelle A and Isobel P
Second place was 'Marble Run' by Charlotte S, Benj C and Eddie P
Third place was 'Sweet Memory' by Mia S and Hollie B

Those who came commented on the quality of the entries and were impressed by our students who were present to explain their research.