Year 10 Work Experience

In Year 10 we develop the employability skills of our students through Work Experience, during which they will hopefully gain confidence and become aware of their strengths & talents. It is a beneficial addition on a student’s CV when he/she may apply for jobs/ colleges. The Work Experience will be complemented by The Interview Day that takes place in July.

Please find below the PowerPoint presentation and Private Placement form, that is linked to the Parent information Evening. The students will be briefed in assembly and given a copy of the form.

The students should apply for a placement through their own personal contacts, by the deadline shown on the power point. If they are unable to find a contact, then they should see the Work Experience Coordinator Mrs Mankoo asap.

Work Experience Date  
CMS Private Placement Form 06th Dec 2018 Download
Information Evening 06th Dec 2018 Download
Summary of Process 06th Dec 2018 Download