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Reporting Positive or Void Covid Test Results

Posted on: March 25th 2021School News +0 More

Reporting Positive or Void Covid Test Results

If your child receives a positive or void Covid test result, you need to report this to the school by clicking on this LINK. If it is a positive result, a member of school staff will contact you to establish close contacts. Please note that if you report results out of hours, there may be some time between you submitting the form and receiving a phone call.

In the case of a positive result, you need to follow national self-isolation guidelines.

Self-isolation Text Notifications from Court Moor School

If you have received a text message from the school informing that your child has been identified as a close contact, they will need to self-isolate. A letter from Public Health England will be sent to you on the next school day which details the duration of self-isolation required, along with guidance. Please also read the FAQ's below and only contact the school if it is urgent.

Frequently Asked Questions  - Close Contact Notification

If you have received a self-isolation text notification for your child/ren from Court Moor School. Please read these FAQ’s 

What has happened? 

We have received notification of a positive Covid result. Your child has been identified as a close contact of this individual and is required to self-isolate. 

Who has received a positive test? 

GDPR (data protection) means we cannot name the individual who received a positive test result. We have had cases where students have speculated or actively tried to identify the individual via social media (e.g. Whatsapp groups). This is neither helpful nor kind and we would ask that you actively discourage your child from engaging in any social media speculation about the case.  

How are close contacts identified? 

Public Health England have risk assessed the case with the school. We've used seating plans and information from the individual with the positive test result to identify close contacts. We follow the instructions of PHE regarding who must self-isolate. 

What steps do you need to take? 

Your child needs to stay at home and self-isolate in line with national guidance. They must not come into school. You will need to seek a Covid test if your child starts to exhibit symptoms of Coronavirus. 

How long is the self-isolation for? 

Please see the letter from PHE which will be sent to you and includes the date that self-isolation finishes. Please note that Public Health England determine the isolation finish date as part of the risk assessment process. 

How will schoolwork be set? 

Mr Baxter (Head of Virtual School) will be in contact with you either later today or in the morning with details of how your child can access their school work whilst self-isolating on Satchel:One. 

Please do not contact the school reception regarding this case unless it is urgent. We understand this notification is out of the blue and will cause disruption to your household but these actions are those required by Public Health England in response to a positive case.