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Moor Than Books Spring Term 2

Posted on: February 23rd 2021General +0 More

Well, it has certainly a bit of a strange half term, but the feedback from the reading of Trash has been so positive, I am utterly thrilled you enjoyed it as much as me. The Cane Warriors (our Key Stage 4 choice) was certainly a challenging and thought provoking read. I know some of you found it quite difficult and others enjoyed the historical and social context it highlighted. Well done if you made it through both!
We are extremely excited about the choices for next half term.

Key Stage 3 will be reading ‘Look Both Ways’ by Jason Reynolds. Jason is one of our most favourite authors in the English Department. He writes great, funny, emotional, adventurous books that our students have fallen in love with in previous years. This one is nice and light hearted, which will brighten our mood as we head into the Spring. I loved it.

Key Stage 4 will be reading the equally brilliant ‘Gone’ by Michael Grant. ‘Gone’ is a bestselling book series centred on the fictional Southern Californian town of Perdido Beach, in which every human aged 15 and older vanishes. It  has rave reviews across the board and is the first of a series of 9- a special prize will be available for anyone who fancies the challenge of reading all of them!

The Epic app followers will be reading the classic L- Frank Baum’s ‘The Wizard of Oz’ – I am very excited about this one, having seen the film so many times, it will be interesting to compare it to the book.

Our Parent’s Reading group will be thrilled to know we have chosen a more light hearted read for this half term. After the utterly brilliant but harrowing Shuggie Bain, our choice is ‘The Thursday Murder Club’ by Richard Osman. I’m really looking forward to some slightly more upbeat capers!

We look forward to another term of great books.