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Activities Week 2020 - Day 2 Winners

Posted on: July 15th 2020School News +0 More

Year 7 students were asked to recreate a famous piece of art. The winner is Poppy Metcalfe, for her brilliant recreation of Matisse’s La Musique. Well done, Poppy!

Year 8 were asked to create an advert to market a new energy bar. Mr Blagojevity was overwhelmed by the quality of the responses and found it really difficult to select only one, but he plumped for Lilly-Pearl Shepherd (8AFB), who showed a real flair for marketing! Well done, Lilly-Pearl!

Thank you to Year 9 for sending in all your amazing videos, these were just fantastic. It was so much fun watching them and we were just bowled over at just how creative and talented you lot really are. It was so hard to judge with such clever ideas as dancing fruit, star wars characters and a fantastic talking dog. It's a shame we couldn't pick more than one… So without further ado  let's announce the winner of this year's Computing challenge: Ben Douglas from 9NMA! Well done, Ben!

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