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Activities Week 2020 Winners - Day 1

Posted on: July 14th 2020School News +0 More

For this year's Activities Week, our students were set some challenges to do at home.

Year 7 students were asked to do one of 5 different drama-related activities - Poster, Monologue, Mask, Puppet show or Stop motion animation. The winners were:

  • Poster - James New (7WGS) for his exceptionally detailed and well researched advertisement for Peter Pan
  • Monologue - Rosie Bater (7WAS) for her monologue from the point of view of Fiona from Shrek in 10 years time, demonstrating excellent tone of voice and facial expressions throughout
  • Mask - Katie Potter (7BKB) for her detailed and 3 dimensional creation of the croc from Peter Pan
  • Puppet show - Charlotte Slade (7WGS) for her excellent puppet creations and creative delivery of the scene from Peter Pan
  • Stop motion animation - Amelie Visser (7BKF) for her engaging short animation including voices of a scene from Shrek.

Well  done to all our Year 7 winners.


Year 8 students were asked to plan their dream holiday – the trip of a lifetime!

Mrs Hawke selected Sofia King (8BLA) as the winner, for her brilliantly researched effort, based on a South American odyssey. Well done Sofia!


Year 9 students were also asked to plan their dream holiday.

Mrs Hawke and Mr Ashford selected Jocie Hilton (9WSH) as the winner, for her extraordinary account of a trip to Tanzania. Well done Jocie!


Please see some of our Year 7 winners video work below.

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