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Year 11 Iceland Trip - October 2019

Posted on: November 12th 2019School News +0 More

38 Year 11 students took part in an educational tour to Iceland over half term. The three-day tour was organised as an enrichment of their learning and was tailor-made for our GCSE geographers to include all the key sights and educational centres.

Day 1 included a visit to the Raufarholshellir lava tube and cave, one of the largest and longest in Iceland where students took a walking tour through the tunnel. The following day started with a visit to the Iceland volcano & earthquake centre where students learnt about and saw the famous Icelandic volcanoes, Eyjafjallajokull, Hekla and Katla to name a few. We then were lucky enough to visit perhaps Iceland’s most stunning waterfalls, Seljalandfoss and Skogafoss before heading to the black volcanic beach. The day finished off with a visit to one of Iceland’s glaciers which was a moving experience for all students as they could see for themselves how much the glacier had retreated and see climate change in action. To finish off a great day perfectly, we were treated to a stunning display of the Northern Lights (in fact we were lucky enough to see them every night!) which students were so excited about, but maybe not as excited as the teachers!

Day 3 saw us take to the streets of Reykjavik for a walking tour before students enjoyed some well-deserved free-time in this picturesque capital city before heading back to the airport.

Students commented that the trip had been “the best one ever” and was thoroughly enjoyed by all.

We were extremely proud of our students who were very well behaved, polite and respectful during our visit.

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