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GCSE Results 2019

Posted on: August 22nd 2019Student Success +0 More

Congratulations to our wonderful Year Eleven students who have delivered another set of excellent results. 86% of the students passed English and Maths (9-4) with 68% of those as a strong pass (9-5). 91% of students gained a 4+ in English (Lang or Lit) and 88% in Maths. Amongst our top-performing subjects were Computing with 100% (9-4) and 60% (9-7 – equivalent to A/A*) as well as Design Technology with 100% pass rate and 44% 9-7. Subjects performed strongly at the top end with over half the departments gaining results where more than 40% of students gained a 9-7 grade. Top performers included Katie Exton, Joseph Swan and Jeremy Colfer who garnered an impressive 21 Grade 9s between them.

We are very proud of all of our students, we are equally proud of some of the more modest results which represent a huge achievement against personal challenges they have faced.  We wish the year group the very best of luck in their future endeavours and look forward to repeating these results next year with our next Year Eleven students.