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Year 7 & 8 Science Fair - May 2019

Posted on: May 7th 2019School News +0 More

2019 heralds the third Court Moor Science Fair which will be taking place after school on Monday 20th May.

This year is the first time that Year 8 students have been invited to join the Year 7s in taking part. The announcement of what the students were being asked to produce was met with huge excitement and enthusiasm in classes before Easter. 

Students had the choice to work in small groups or individually to produce storyboards of either a ‘teaching’ poster on a science topic, or documentation of a science investigation that they had undertaken. One notable example from a Year 8 class was a fascinating and detailed explanation of genetics and how characteristics can be predicted in humans. Another was an investigation into the effects of increasing levels of sodium bicarbonate on the baking of honeycomb. However, these are just two examples of the exciting work the students had produced.

Two projects from each class were chosen by peer assessment, with one more being chosen by the class teacher. All of these will be displayed at the Fair for students, parents and staff to judge. It looks set to be a wonderfully engaging event where the capabilities and imaginations of the students will really shine. 

We hope you will be able to join us there!

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