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Year 10 Trip to The National Museum of Computing - March 2019

Posted on: March 13th 2019School News +0 More

This year’s Computer Science trip was to The National Museum of Computing at Bletchley Park. The trip aimed to enhance the knowledge and understanding of the Year 10 GCSE students by helping them get some insight into the evolution of computers and, of course, computing itself.

The trip included many activities such as:

  • Looking at Colossus - the world's first electronic computer
  • The entire World War II code-breaking process of the Lorenz-encrypted messages (Tunny)
  • The PC Gallery with computers from the 1970s to the present (Mr Campbell was able to get to level 3 on a ZX Spectrum playing Manic Miner which he last played when he was 14)  
  • The EDSAC Replica Project - one of the most important early British digital computers
  • WITCH computer - the world's oldest working digital computer from 1951
  • The students also were able to write some code using old BBC computers

A fun day out with lots of thought provoking developments.

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