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Year 10 & 11 Netball

Posted on: October 16th 2018School News +0 More

Year 11 District Netball Tournament 

On Wednesday 26th September the Year 11 netball team went to Wavell school for their last district tournament of their school netball careers. As always they were exceptional and although not all results went their way they played some exceptional netball. Overall they finished 4th in pool B. 


Year 10 and 11 Netball Into Officiating Umpire course 

Recently 20 Year 10s and 11s took part in an umpire course to develop their knowledge further in netball. This is a challenging course that tests the resilience of the students and prepares them for umpiring at a basic level. Now the girls have completed the course they can continue to develop their umpiring at Year 7 netball club on Mondays.