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Activities Week - June 2018

Posted on: July 16th 2018School News +0 More

Activities Week offered our Year 7 - Year 10 a range of exciting and engaging experiences. Some lucky Year 7s got to go to Normandy, but those staying at school all had a variety of fun and engaging activities to enjoy.

Year 7

Year 7 began the week with a day of activities, organised by Mr Dimbylow and the science department, which were rolled into a ‘Whodunnit?’ murder mystery. To work it out, the students had to perform a series of experiments, including chromatograms, soil pH analysis, flame tests and blood analysis! The plucky amateur sleuths cracked the case, we are pleased to report.

On Tuesday, Year 7 were set the challenge of making a musical in a day with a story based around the Seven Deadly Sins, which was coordinated by Mr Jenkins. It was a big challenge but they pulled off a very confident performance at the end of the day.

On Wednesday, the Year 7s had two different activities. In the morning, they joined together to form a choir. Under the guidance of Mr DeMott, they combined to produce a wonderful version of ‘A Million Dreams’ from the musical ‘The Greatest Showman’. In the afternoon, the students completed some tasks organised by the MFL team, during which they created their own countries complete with flags, immigration questionnaires and their own language

Thursday was a day of history activities for Year 7. A theatre workshop came in to perform a first world war play, which dealt with the theme of recruitment. They then looked in more detail at a local Pals Battalion from Portsmouth, researching the real lives of some of the men involved in the war. Finally, they read a jingoistic poem by Jessie Pope, which had been performed in the play, and used their research to write their own poems, or letters, to her explaining whether her view of war being wonderful was correct. Some of the work was so heartfelt it brought members of staff to the verge of tears.

The Environmental Art Project was organised for Year 7 students for the Art Activity Day during Activities Week. Students worked from natural form and natural element images to illustrate their own selection of pebble designs. Once the pebbles had been decorated students worked as a group developing spacial awareness and considering compositions to create their own Paper Pebble Sculpture. They then took photographs to capture their 'artwork in the moment'.

All in all, great fun!

Year 8

Year 8 split into two groups. Each group spent half the week at the annual Tile Barn camp, which is always a very popular event. The students had the opportunity to go mountain biking, do a maths trail, a geography exercise, some science in the wild, shoot rockets, build dens and take part in various sports. Everyone enjoyed this fantastic trip in the New Forest.

For the second half of their week, the Year 8s did some exciting activities including building gum drop structures and a STEM activity to create a wildlife garden in unused areas of the school. There were also fun activities arranged by the RS and maths departments.

Year 9

Year 9 began the week with ‘Election Fever’. They worked in groups to create political parties and mount an election campaign. The students got very passionate canvassing, creating posters and leaflets and even a bit of smear campaigning emerged!

On Tuesday, Mr Jenkins set up ‘Around The World’, which allowed students to spend the day planning and budgeting for a world trip, creating wonderful presentations about a range of countries and cultures they 'visited'.

The following day was something completely different. Under the watchful director’s eye of Mrs Vale, the students worked in groups to produce a short film.

Thursday was, again, something completely different – a chance to run off some energy in a variety of PE-organised activities.

Finally, Friday, when half of the year group enjoyed the thrills and adventures at Thorpe Park, while the remainder experienced Mr Blagg’s ‘The Challenge!’, a team-orientated series of fiendishly difficult tasks.

Year 10 

Year 10 spent the week on work experience. There were a variety of placements - veterinary assistants, working with the police, bike mechanics, carpet fitters, working at accountants to name but a few. All offered the students valuable experience and a taste of what the working world is like.

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