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The Great Court Moor Bake Off - July 2018

Posted on: July 6th 2018School News +0 More

On 5th July, Year 7 & 8 students competed in the Great Court Moor Bake Off 2018 with great enthusiasm. Their task was to produce 10 identical baked products and present 4 for judging. It was an extremely hot day and students were very challenged to get their products cool enough to decorate and stop chocolate from melting, but they all produced finished products showing creativity and flair. It was a very tough decision for the judges as it was clear that all the students had made so much effort.

Year 8 Winners - Sofia Wilton & Malak Gomaa

Year 8 Runners up - Poppy Simmons & Sienna Berry

Year 7 Winners - Amy Goodrum & Ella Gregory

Year 7 Runners up - Ishi Vola & Amy Beresford, Jessica Fitch & Nicole Brambley, Lola Thornton & Eve Dennard

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