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Murder Mystery Day 2017

Posted on: July 12th 2017School News +0 More

Three potential future detectives and criminal lawyers visited Farnborough 6th form to be confronted by the scene of the murder of Kenny. Throughout the day they had to examine the evidence, interview the suspects and determine who they thought had committed the crime. They received interesting training on how to test for the poison involved in the murder and how to interview witnesses and spot when someone is lying.

The day culminated when each team had to present the case for the defence of one suspect in front of a mock court with three judges and a jury of twelve. The suspects, judges and jury were all studying related courses at Farnborough 6th form.

Congratulations to our Year 10 students who presented their cases confidently. 

Thanks also to two familiar faces: Tom Palmer and Ben Longmore, ex-Court Moor students, now studying law, who were part of the mock court team.

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