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Race for the Line Regional Finals 2017

Posted on: April 26th 2017School News +0 More

Having been winners (four Court Moor teams got through the previous heat) of the last heat of the Bloodhound Race for the Line completion, we were through to the next round. So at short notice on Wednesday 26th April, four teams competed in the regional finals for the Bloodhound Race for the Line competition, at RAF Odiham.  An excited bunch took the short trip to the base and we were escorted to the gym for making our car in controlled conditions. The large box of tools and plans we had brought with us having been confined to the changing rooms, and with no help at all from their teacher, the teams had to rely on what they remembered from designing their last cars and their making skills. They worked really hard and out of 22 school teams Court moor teams came 2nd and 4th. A remarkable achievement when you consider that over 1500 kits were sent out locally. We also got an escorted tour around a Chinook after the race whilst they calculated the results. As you can see there was only 0.17mph in it – what a great day for Court Moor!

  School Name Car Speed (mph)
1st      Park Community School 45.56
2nd     Court Moor Secondary 44.91
3rd      Applemore Technology College 44.74
4th     Court More Secondary 42.53

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