Equipment & Uniform


Students should come to school equipped to work and always have the following items with them for general use: pen, pencil, ruler, rubber.

In addition, they will need a 2B pencil, a pack of coloured pencils, a Pritt stick, a black biro and a pencil sharpener for Art. Students should also have a protractor, a pair of compasses and a calculator. The mathematics department will advise students on what to buy.

The Finance Office sells some items of stationery but please note these items can only be purchased with cash (the Finance Office cannot accept cashless catering cards for stationery purchases).

Pen 10p
HB Pencil 5p
Rubber 5p
Ruler 20p
Protractor 10p
Pair of Compasses 30p
Glue Stick 40p
Maths Set (includes 2 pens, 1 long pencil, 1 short pencil, pair of compasses, proctractor,  pencil sharpener, rubber, 15cm ruler, glue stick - all in a clear case suitable for examinations) £1.80
Calculator £7.50
Blue Exercise Book 50p
Whiteboard £1.60
Whiteboard Marker 30p
Whiteboard Eraser 25p
House Badge £1.20
Tie £4.75
New Cashless Catering Card £1.00
Gum Shield 90p
Shin Guards £2.25

All belongings must be clearly marked with the student's name. Matron does keep lost property for a limited time, but neither the school nor the Authority can be held responsible for any personal property lost, stolen or damaged.


Jumper – navy with school logo (years 7-10)
Black school jumper with school logo (year 11)
Both available from Brenda’s
Trousers - plain black uniform style
(no skinny, tight-fit, jeans style or cords)
 or  Skirt - plain black box pleat skirt with logo
(only available to be purchased from Brenda’s)
All skirts must be no shorter than 8cm above the knee
Shirt - white with collar (long or short sleeved)  or Blouse – white, open neck revere collar (long or short sleeved)
Tie - standard Court Moor tie (worn to a standard length)
Ties must be worn if wearing a shirt
Socks – black or white  or Tights – black or neutral
Shoes – polishable, formal, plain, black
(no boots, trainers or canvas shoes) 
Outer coat – plain, outdoor, waterproof
(no hoodies, tracksuit tops or denim jackets)
Hair – neat style, natural colours
Jewellery - plain sleepers or studs (one per ear, lobe only), watch, no other piercings, no spacers 
Make-up - Years 7-9 no make-up, Years 10-11 discreet, light make-up
No nail polish or acrylic nails (all years)
PE kit - Available from SWI Schoolwear

You will need to create an account and log-on

Compulsory PE Kit
Navy blue shorts  or Navy blue skort
Rugby shirt with logo (outdoor)  or Training top with logo (outdoor)
Navy blue polo shirt with logo (indoor)
Navy blue long socks
Optional PE Kit
Long blue track pants  or Sports leggings - either plain dark blue or black
Blue long-sleeved track top
Student appearance must be smart at all times and appropriate for a learning environment

Detailed Guidance

Please see the links below for specific examples of approved trousers, skirts and shoes styles:

Trouser Buying Key Points (Boys & Girls)

When buying trousers, look for the words: Tailored, Bootcut or Regular (without charms Charm or jeans style metal studs). They need to be loose fitting particularly around and below the knee.

Avoid buying any trousers with these terms:-

  • ‘Tapered’ - they will be shorter than acceptable and too tight at the ankle
  • ‘Cropped’ – they will be ankle length and therefore too short
  • ‘Skinny’  or ‘slim fit’– these will be far too tight, both at the thigh and ankle
  • ‘Jeggings’ – basically thick leggings.

Please see the links below for specific examples.

Boys' Trousers Buying Guidance

Girls' Trousers Buying Guidance

A range of retailers sell trousers which meet the Court Moor requirements, here are specific examples of acceptable and unacceptable styles from two which are on sale in July 2018.

Marks and Spencer

Acceptable Styles:-

Girl acceptable 1
Girl acceptable 2


NOT Acceptable Styles:-

Girl not acceptable 1 Skinny Leg Trousers (including belted versions)
Girl not acceptable 2 Senior Girls' Crease Resistant Skinny Fit Trousers with Triple Action Stormwear (Older Girls)
Girl not acceptable 3 Girls' Slim Ankle Skimmer Trousers with Triple Action Stormwear (Older Girls)



Acceptable Styles:-

Girl acceptable 3,default,pd.html
Girl acceptable 4,default,pd.html
Girl acceptable 5,default,pd.html#choice:size


NOT Acceptable Styles:-

Girl not acceptable 4 Girl not acceptable 5

John Lewis

Acceptable Styles:-

Girl acceptable 6 Girls adjustable school trousers (black)'-school-trousers/p3148060?size=15+yrs


Girls' Skirts

Girls Skirt

Only available from Brenda’s Schoolwear


Boys' and girls' shoes must be formal style and polishable, plain, black shoes (no boots, trainers or canvas shoes). Inevitably shoe manufacturers develop and market as school shoes, styles which circumnavigate this description i.e. introducing informal style, leather, black pumps and it can be confusing as to which are acceptable.

To avoid confusion, please see the examples below. The acceptable styles are available from a wide range of different suppliers. Inevitably we can't show images of all shoe styles but hopefully this selection of images will avoid unacceptable styles being purchased. 

Acceptable Formal Styles

Acceptable shoe 1



Shoe 1

Shoe 2 Shoe 3
Acceptable shoe 5 Acceptable shoe 6
Acceptable shoe 7 Acceptable shoe 8

Not Acceptable Styles

Not acceptable shoe 1 Not acceptable shoe 3
Not acceptable shoe 2 Not acceptable shoe 4
Not acceptable shoe 5



Not acceptable shoe 6

Not acceptable shoe 7