Welcome from the Head Students

Hello, we are the four head students at Court Moor School. Despite the current challenges we face with COVID-19, we still plan to make as much of an impact as the head students before us. We each have our unique ambitions for the school, and over the next year we want to work with prefects and students alike, to make Court Moor 'a great place to be, and a place to be great'. 

Tara: My main focus for this coming year is volunteer work, and how we can get the school involved in the local community. I want to give every student the chance to research and take part in volunteering, to gain experience from all kinds of opportunities.

Izzie: I believe that everyone should go into the world having an understanding and appreciation of different cultures and religions, so my main goal as head student is to educate students about diversity. 

Rowan: My main focus for this coming year is to help students across the school stretch themselves and help them to push them outside their comfort zone. This is because it helps students prepare for later life. Being more productive, adaptable and creative are just some of the great advantages that will set you nicely for later life. 

Jo: My main focus for this coming year is to help students in all years feel comfortable and safe when problems arise. I want to make sure every student is able to voice their problems without any worries and be able to feel secure with their issues. 

We are all looking forward to the best year and we hope to make a positive and continuous change to our school.