Welcome from the Head Pupils

Welcome to Court Moor School. We are Emma Buchanan and Ella Holdway, the current head girls at Court Moor. We are proud to be the head girls of the top school in Hampshire and represent the latest generation of Court Moor students, all of whom have the potential to go far in life after Court Moor. 

2018 has been a big year for equality at Court Moor and as a school that prides itself in being a school of equality and diversity, this year, the head pupil roles have been made non-gender specific, to promote equality in our school. It is crucial that the students and staff support each other as a way to encourage equality. We want to enhance the message of equality by promoting the students voice - this is important to us because we want everyone to feel part of the Court Moor community, no matter who they are, and create equal opportunities for everybody.

We work alongside our deputies, Nick Lancaster and Cathie Crewe, as well as senior prefects. Together we lead the year 11 prefect team to ensure that the student voice is heard and we work hard to make sure life at Court Moor is fun and enjoyable.

We want to further provide Court Moor students with the opportunity to voice their ideas and make sure their voice is heard. One thing we are passionate about bringing back is the student council as a way of putting the student's ideas into action.

Our school, albeit small, is already well known in the Fleet community; however we want to be more involved in our community and establish an even better relationship with the people of Fleet. Court Moor has already taken part in activities in our local community, such as year 9 students reading at Heatherside Infants and Juniors. We want to build on that.

We think that Court Moor is an excellent school, however we want to help improve and enhance the school. When our time at Court Moor comes to an end, we want to leave with the confidence that the next generation of Court Moor students will benefit from our efforts.

We are extremely proud to be Court Moor's head pupils.

Head Pupils

Ella Holdway and Emma Buchanan