Welcome to the STEM page for Court Moor School

Court Moor has always been active in supporting the technical strengths of our students.

STEM is a nationwide initiative to get more young people into Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.

To support this and recognising the importance of these fields to our students, parents and the wider community, Court Moor now as a specialist STEM co-ordinator, in order to maximise the opportunities available for our students and add in some joined up thinking.

Future Events

Watch this space!

Current Competitions   

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Past Events

Year 10 - Eluceo Workskills Trip - Tuesday 1st May 2018
Years 7 & 8 BAE Systems Roadshow - Wednesday 16th May 2018
Year 10 BAE Systems Team Trip - Tuesday 5th June 2018


Some STEM options available now:


  • Science Club

For a complete club list - look here.