Students should come to school equipped to work and always have the following items with them for general use: pen, pencil, ruler, rubber.

In addition, they will need a 2B pencil, a pack of coloured pencils, a Pritt stick, a black biro and a pencil sharpener for Art. Students should also have a protractor, a pair of compasses and a calculator. The mathematics department will advise students on what to buy.

The Finance Office sells some items of stationery but please note these items can only be purchased with cash (the Finance Office cannot accept cashless catering cards for stationery purchases).

Pen 10p
HB Pencil 5p
Rubber 5p
Ruler 20p
Protractor 10p
Pair of Compasses 30p
Glue Stick 40p
Maths Set (includes 2 pens, 1 long pencil, 1 short pencil, pair of compasses, proctractor,  pencil sharpener, rubber, 15cm ruler, glue stick - all in a clear case suitable for examinations) £1.50
Calculator £7.00
Blue Exercise Book 50p
House Badge £1.10
Tie £4.75
New Cashless Catering Card £1.00

All belongings must be clearly marked with the student's name. Matron does keep lost property for a limited time, but neither the school nor the Authority can be held responsible for any personal property lost, stolen or damaged.