House System

Welcome to the Court Moor Houses!

Our four noble houses are named Austen, Brunel, Nightingale and Wellington. There are ten tutor groups in each house – two per year group. All staff are in houses too – have you asked your teachers? Tutors have the same house as their tutor group, so they’ll always be supporting you! There are a range of competitions of all shapes and sizes to compete in to earn house points and bring victory!

Have a look at the news pages to see some of the recent house activities. We hope to see you at some of our future events. 

Meet the house team!

Max alcazar stevens

Head of Austen House
Mr Alcazar-Stevens


Miss Shank

Head of Brunel House
Miss Shank

Ms Seddon

Head of Nightingale House
Ms Seddon

Mr Murrell

Head of Wellington House
Mr Murrell