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Enquiry About Results Services (EAR) 2018 - Deadline Thurs 20th Sept 11am

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We hope you will be pleased with your results, if however, you feel that you want to appeal any exam result, there is process which has to be followed. This is briefly described below, for more information please click here to go to Court Moor EAR Process
The awarding bodies offer the following Enquiry about Results services:
• Service 1 (Clerical re-check): This is a re-check of all clerical procedures leading to the issue of a result. For example: that all parts of the script have been marked; marks have been totalled and recorded correctly; or the grade threshold applied correctly. Only Service 1 clerical re-checks can be requested for objective tests (multiple choice tests).
• Service 2 (Post-results review of marking): This is a post-results review of the original marking to ensure that the agreed mark scheme has been applied correctly. The service is available for externally assessed components.
• Service 3 (Post-results review of moderation): This is a review of the original moderation to ensure that the assessment criteria have been fairly, reliably and consistently applied. Review of moderation cannot be undertaken upon the work of an individual candidate or the work of candidates not in the original sample. Please note that if the centre’s controlled assessment or coursework marks have been accepted without change by an awarding body, this service will not be available
• Access to Scripts: a copy of the reviewed script(s) for each unit/component of an exam paper. Separate charges apply for each paper requested.
Fees for post-results services (Access to Scripts and Enquiries about Results) are set independently by each individual awarding body. These are set out in the table below. For clerical checks and post-results reviews of marking, the EAR fee will not be charged if subject grades are amended. In this instance you will receive a refund. For post-results reviews of moderation, the EAR fees will not be charged if Centre marks are reinstated. Please note: Court Moor will not submit an EAR without prior payment from the parent/guardian.
  Edexcel OCR AQA WJEC

Service 1

Clerical Check

£11.10 per unit


£16.90 per unit

With copy of script £28.65

£8.05 per unit

With copy of script £22.40

£11.00 per unit

With copy of script £22.00

Service 2

Review of Marking

£39.90 per unit



£47.00 per unit

£58.75 with copy of reviewed script

£37.55 per unit

£51.90 with copy of reviewed script

£36.00 per unit

£47.00 with copy of reviewed script

Service 2

Priority Review of marking (18 days)

£45.40 per unit




Access to Scripts Free £11.75 £11.30 £11.00
Service 3 Not available to individual candidates Not available to individual candidates Not available to individual candidates Not available to individual candidates

If you wish to apply for any of the above EAR services, consult the Head of Department at Court Moor responsible for the subject, to discuss your options, then complete the consent form and send it c/o Mrs L Hampton with a Cheque Payable to HCC Court Moor School BEFORE Thursday 20th September 2018 at 11am. Any requests after this time may not be processed.

For any further enquires about examinations please contact Mrs L Hampton (Exams Officer).