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Examination Results 2017

Posted on: August 29th 2017Student Success +0 More

Court Moor is thrilled with the outstanding results that the Class of 2017 have achieved – truly mind-blowing! Despite there being new exams in Maths and English and a general drop in pass rates nationally, we have secured truly superb results.

87% of our students achieved a grade 9-4 (A*-C) in English and Mathematics, with an amazing 91% of students achieving 9-4 in English and 90% in Maths. In Maths 12.6% of students achieved the highest grade 9, whereas nationally it was only 3.6%, and in English Language 6.1% achieved the highest grade 9, against a national figure of 2.2%.  Nearly half of our students - 46% - achieved grades equivalent to A*/A in Maths. Taking a grade 4 as a C grade our 5A*-C with English and Maths would be 83% - 5 % up on last year’s record-breaking.

In our unreformed subjects, 43% of students achieved A*/A, the best result the school has ever had, with 88% of students attaining A*-C. In 16 subjects at least 40% of students achieved A*/A grade. MFL and Science did particularly well this year, with 94% of those who took a language attaining A*-C and in Science all 55 students who took the three separate GCSEs (Biology, Chemistry and Physics) attained A*-C, and  85% of students who took the double award achieved A*-C, an improvement of over 20% on last year. 

Nationally there were only 2000 students who achieved grade 9s in English Language, Literature and Maths. We had 3 students who achieved this.  As a school we were pleased to gain 48 grade 9s.

Notable student success:

•    12 students attained at least 2 of the new 9 grades in English and Maths
•    25 students achieved grade 9-7 (A*/A) in English and Maths
•    24 students achieved grades 9-7 and A*/A in 8 or more subjects.
•    16 students achieved GCSEs made up entirely of 9-7 and A*/A.

In terms of attainment our top ten students who achieved the highest Attainment 8 point score are:

•    Jacob Ayers
•    Zachary Ayers
•    Hannah Blakiston
•    Keshy Emmanuel
•    Ashleigh Murray
•    Hannah Garden
•    Katie Willoughby
•    Daniel Styles
•    Aaron Hammond Duncan
•    Karolina Komanicka

Because progress is determined nationally it is not possible to report students who have made the best progress at this time. This data will be available in Autumn Term. Congratulations to all the students who really did excel themselves this year.