Meet the team

Meet the team

Court Moor has just under 70 teaching staff and it is likely that most students will have some interaction with most staff in their time at Court Moor. We like this because it helps to keep a strong sense of community and that personal touch is what students and parents like about the school. It’s always good to put a face to a name, so feel free to browse the profile of some key members of our team:

  • Senior Leadership Team
    • Mr Paul Jenkins

      Mr Paul Jenkins

      Mr Jenkins is the Headteacher at Court Moor School. He joined the school as Deputy Headteacher in 2012, having worked here in his first post as a young teacher! He taught English and Drama before becoming Head. Mr Jenkins aims to make Court Moor School "a great place to be and a place to be great" for staff and students alike.

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    • Mr Phil Blagg

      Mr Phil Blagg

      Mr Blagg joined Court Moor as Deputy Headteacher in September 2015. His role focuses on improving standards across the school and deputising for the Headteacher, as well as teaching Geography. "It's great to see students go from Year 7 through to 11 developing into confident and successful young adults. I enjoy working at Court Moor because there is a strong, vibrant community."

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    • Mr Rich Bolton

      Mr Rich Bolton

      Mr Bolton joined Court Moor in January 2015. As Assistant Headteacher his responsibilities include Standards and Teaching and Learning at Court Moor, IT Strategy, the House System, and Enrichment and Extra-curricular Activities. He teaches PE and Geography. "Court Moor is a school full of warmth and caring people, but not at the expense of quality education. Everybody here, students and staff alike, are very keen to do their very best and work exceptionally hard to ensure the best outcomes for all concerned. I look forward to a bright future at Court Moor, as the school continues to develop and flourish!"

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    • Mr Rob Ellis

      Mr Rob Ellis

      Mr Ellis has oversight of the Pastoral team at Court Moor School, as well as careers and work experience. He has worked at the school since 2003. He teaches Geography and BTech Public Services. "What makes Court Moor special is the care and conduct that students and staff show to one another. We strive to provide an environment where every individual will have the opportunity to develop their character in terms of independence, resilience and integrity."

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    • Mrs Julia Vale

      Mrs Julia Vale

      Mrs Vale had a successful career in industry before training as a teacher. She came to work at Court Moor in 2007 as Curriculum Leader for Information Technology, and was promoted to Assistant Headteacher in 2010. Her responsibilities include Reports and Assessment, Curriculum development, and Data tracking and accountability. "Even though I came to teaching late in life, it really is the best job in the world. A day doesn't go by where I am not inspired by our youngsters or learn something I didn't know before."

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    • Mrs Claire Conley-Harper

      Mrs Claire Conley-Harper

      Claire Conley-Harper teaches History and has worked at Court Moor since 2004. She is responsible for Initial Teacher Training, is part of the Quality First Teaching team and is the SLT lead on staff wellbeing. "Teaching is the best job in the world - you laugh every day, witness students' lightbulb moments and have the privilege of seeing them grow and develop towards the adults they will become. For me the special something about Court Moor has always been the people, and particularly the hugely supportive staff team."

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    • Mr Terry McEnroe

      Mr Terry McEnroe

      The newest member of the Senior Leadership Team, Mr McEnroe joined the school in September 2015. His responsibilities include student voice, timetabling and core skills across the curriculum, and he is also Curriculum Leader for English. Mr McEnroe says that he has "been really impressed by not only the students' hunger to learn and achieve, but also their manners and courtesy."

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    • Mrs Naomi Metcalfe

      Mrs Naomi Metcalfe

      Mrs Metcalfe is Assistant Headteacher and Head of Drama. She is the Senior Leadership Team lead on feedback as well as having oversight of Year 7. She joined the staff at Court Moor in 2001. 'Being able to inspire, influence and shape our future adults is a very privileged position, one which I am lucky to hold, here at Court Moor School."

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    • Mr Tim Sandford

      Mr Tim Sandford

      Mr Sandford joined Court Moor in 2009 as SENCo (Special Educational Needs Coordinator). In 2014 he was promoted to become the Director of Intervention and Inclusion. He has oversight of the Support Studies department along with looked after children and students who are provided with additional support off-site. "This role provides for a high degree of challenge alongside a great opportunity for reward. The great benefit of being a part of Court Moor is the ability to work not just with wonderful students but with a team of such highly motivated and caring professionals."

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  • Curriculum Leaders
    • Mrs Claudia Beattie

      Mrs Claudia Beattie

      Mrs Beattie has worked at Court Moor since 2008 and became Curriculum Leader for Mathematics in January 2015. She teaches Mathematics and Additional Mathematics. "For us in the Maths department, every student counts."

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    • Mr Mark Campbell

      Mr Mark Campbell

      Mr Campbell is Curriculum Leader for Design Technology and Computer Science encompassing Resistant Materials, Product Design, Graphics, Electronics, Engineering, Food and Nutrition, and Computing. "I really enjoy watching the students' creativity and seeing them develop their ideas from initial concept design through to practical application. I find the mix of practical, creative and technical expertise really exciting. It is a really demanding subject area to teach because it is continually evolving and changing in response to technological advances in the world. I need to stay up-to-date with industrial practices and software developments to provide the students with the best learning environment possible and skills relevant to the real world."

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    • Mr Mark DeMott

      Mr Mark DeMott

      Mr DeMott joined Court Moor School in September 2015. He is Curriculum Leader for Music teaching across KS3 and KS4, and is responsible for organising and running 12 different ensembles at the school. "I enjoy working with such keen and engaged students each and every day."

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    • Mrs Rachel Hawke

      Mrs Rachel Hawke

      Mrs Hawke joined Court Moor in September 2016 as Curriculum Leader for Geography. She also teaches Travel and Tourism. "The best part about my job is helping students to realise how everything they learn in Geography is happening in the real world. This is why field trips are so important to their education, as students get an opportunity to investigate processes and theories for themselves."

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    • Mr Dan Hazel

      Mr Dan Hazel

      Mr Hazel joined Court Moor in September 2017 as Curriculum Leader for PE. "I am delighted to be part of this fantastic community. The students here have energy and enthusiasm in abundance and I am determined to provide them with the opportunities to discover and develop a passion for physical activity and sport both as a result of high-quality PE lessons and an extensive extra-curricular programme."

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    • Mrs Adele Pike

      Mrs Adele Pike

      Mrs Pike joined Court Moor School in 2011 as a newly qualified teacher, and has been Curriculum Leader for Modern Languages since 2013. She teaches German and French. "What I love about my job is being able to watch our students passionately engage in their learning and develop as individuals as they move through the school. Court Moor is a special place, not just because of its students but also because of the friendly, caring and supportive staff."

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    • Mr Terry McEnroe

      Mr Terry McEnroe

      Mr McEnroe joined the school in September 2015. Mr McEnroe is an Assistant Headteacher as well as Curriculum Leader for English. Mr McEnroe says that he has "been really impressed by not only the students' hunger to learn and achieve, but also their manners and courtesy."

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    • Miss Vic Newman

      Miss Vic Newman

      Miss Newman teaches History and became the Curriculum Leader for History in 2016. "Teaching is without doubt one of the hardest and yet most rewarding professions there is. You never quite know day-to-day what you're going to see, but what you do know is every single day you make a difference to somebody's life. That is the true value of teaching."

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    • Mrs Sue Russell

      Mrs Sue Russell

      Mrs Russell has worked at Court Moor since 2011 and is Curriculum Leader for Science. She teaches Biology and Chemistry. "The best thing about Court Moor is working with a great team of teachers and technicians all committed to sharing their enthusiasm for science."

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    • Mrs Jan Vincent

      Mrs Jan Vincent

      Mrs Vincent is the Head of Support Studies and is one of the longest serving members of staff in the school, having joined Court Moor in 1996.
      Having spent time working as an LSA in class, then LSA Team Coordinator, she was promoted to departmental head in 2014. Her primary responsibility is for the day to day provision for students with SEN.
      "I joined Court Moor School to make a difference; to help children learn and to have confidence and belief in themselves. I love what I do and am passionate about it, I can't imagine doing anything else more rewarding or satisfying."

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  • Heads of Year
    • Mr Daryl Higgs

      Mr Daryl Higgs

      Mr Higgs joined Court Moor School in September 2015. He teaches Science and is responsible for the welfare and progress of year 7 students and for the transition of year 6 students as they come to Court Moor. "I have found that one of the many qualities of Court Moor is how welcoming the staff and students are. There is a real sense of drive and everyone wants to be a part of it."

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    • Mr Richard Francis

      Mr Richard Francis

      Mr Francis is Head of Year 8 with responsibility for the welfare and progress of year 8 students. He teaches Geography and PE. "The students are inspiring. Their potential is limitless, they push us to be our best which I enjoy."

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    • Mrs Jacquelyn Miller

      Mrs Jacquelyn Miller

      Mrs Miller joined Court Moor in September 2003. She teaches Design Technology and is Head of Year 9.

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    • Mr Emmett McCann

      Mr Emmett McCann

      Mr McCann joined Court Moor in September 2016. He teaches Mathematics and is responsible for the welfare and progress of year 10 students. "What impresses me most about Court Moor is the culture of respect, ambition and achievement amongst students and staff. This, in addition to an outstanding pastoral team, makes Court Moor a fantastic place for students to develop and thrive."

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    • Ms Jackie Allison

      Ms Jackie Allison

      Ms Allison is Head of Year 11 with responsibility for the welfare and progress of year 11 students. She teaches French, Spanish and German. "I love the energy that comes from working with such a diverse group of young people, their humour and enthusiasm, and the fact that I am frequently challenged to reconsider my own points of view! As teachers we have the privilege of being involved with young people at a time in their life when they change enormously and are beginning to develop their character and potential."

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  • New Staff
    • Mr Tom Baxter

      Mr Tom Baxter

      Mr Baxter joined Court Moor in September 2017 and teaches Drama.

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    • Miss Becky Robinson

      Miss Becky Robinson

      Miss Robinson joined us in September 2017 to teach PE. "One of the best things about my job is being able to see all children discover a passion for sport and watch them flourish. The enthusiasm of the students as well as the support from the staff at Court Moor allows me to grow as a teacher and makes the job even more rewarding".

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