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BAE Systems Competition

Posted on: April 27th 2017School News +0 More

Once again, Court Moor Technology students tried for the coveted trophy at BAE Systems – the British multinational defence, security, and aerospace company. The school’s selection process for the highly acclaimed competition was cut-throat this year; with only 30 minutes to build the tallest possible structure from three sheets of A3 and 50cm of tape! The reason? Our year 9s (filling in for our year 10s who were sitting in exam halls all week) were fighting for 6 places and faced eight fiercely competitive groups of year 10s. All these students are motivated, and anticipating to do GCSE Engineering next year, but some had yet to do the year 9 Electronics rotation! Needless to say they were simply proud to represent the school on the 27th April 2017 and make the most of the experience… they had no expectations of actually winning outright and claiming the trophy for the school cabinet!

Arriving early, the group quickly discussed the challenge for the day – to build a vehicle that could traverse rough terrain and then auto deploy a bridge like those utilised by the military in times of crisis. A small pack of resources like lollypop sticks and rubber bands was available, but parts like wheels, motors and electronic components had to be exchanged for points. It was an important lesson in resource management and our team did exceptionally well, even down to coordinating the wheel colours! Their testing phase was not a clean run, with a loose wire threatening to harm their chances, but it rolled and lurched and jolted itself to the finish line, eventually deploying beautifully. Their Dragons’ Den presentation to three judges was a tough gig too, but was thoughtfully delivered with Court Moor flair. The group were content in their efforts, but knew competition was stiff, but as the winners were announced our jaws dropped and it took a second to process. With a 1000 point lead on 3rd place, our kids blew the other schools out of the water and ran in to receive their well-earned 1st place trophy!

I could not have been prouder of them or happier to teach them and I beamed for the remainder of the day. Bravo!

Ms R Seddon, Court Moor D&T Teacher.

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Quotes from the day

“It was very enjoyable and I feel proud of what I achieved.“

“It was great to meet new people, work together, see how engineers solve problems and come up with an end product.” 

“It was a fun challenge, really interactive and great place to do it. Also the food was amazing!”

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